Take care of yourself in the Mindfulness zone hosted by Just Breathe

Take care of yourself in the Mindfulness zone hosted by Just Breathe

Sport Parkinson’s Try-athlon is not just about traditional sport and exercise; we have already featured Parkinson’s Art who will be running the Creative Zone.

We also have the Mindfulness zone host – Sian Zoe Gordon – we met up on zoom and had a brilliant talk about yoga, the meaning of mindfulness and how she used yoga in pain management for her chronic condition.

Claire asked Sian what mindfulness is to her?

Sian’s thoughts on mindfulness

Sian’s tale of how she came to change her approach to yoga due to a chronic condition is truly interesting

Sian Zoe Gordon

The conversation then turned to mediation and yoga…

Claire asked Sian what people needed to think about or wear for the day and what she would love to have the opportunity to try?

Plus The Mindfulness and support zone is first out of the (yoga?) block with a schedule of activities!

Come and meet, and take the opportunity to try everything we talk about in the interview, and more on the day!

11 – Meet and Greet – a chance to ask your questions about the day or

11.30 Morning Breathing Practice

12 Casual Chat and Questions

12.30 Hatha Yoga

lunch break 

2pm What is Yoga, mindfulness and mediation; different types of yoga and who can do yoga? 

2.30pm Hatha Yoga

3.00 Casual Chat and Questions

3.30 Guided Meditation 

If you would like to find out more about Sian and Just Breathe:

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