The Schedule for The Sport Parkinson’s Cup

The Schedule for The Sport Parkinson’s Cup

Its fixture time – scheduling meds?

Please arrive by 10:30 am there will be a short intro brief and a warm up with Reach your Peak with Parkinsons!

11:00Group 1 Match 1
Dopamine Deficient DribblersParkysaurus FCGroup 2 Match 1
Pitch 2
PD WarriorsCadwyr Cymru
11:15Group 1 Match 2
Pitch 1
YOPDShaketar  DontaskGroup 2 Match 2
Pitch 2
Fighting FitNorthern Lights
11:30Group 1 Match 3
Dopamine Deficient DribblersShaketar DontaskGroup 2 Match 3
Pitch 2
PD WarriorsNorthern Lights
11:45Group 1 Match 4
YOPDParkysaurus FCGroup 2 Match 4
Pitch 2
Fighting FitCadwyr Cymru
12:00Group 1 Match 5
Dopamine Deficient DribblersYOPDGroup 2 Match 5PD WarriorsFighting Fit
12:15Group 1 Match 6
Shaketar  DontaskParkysaurus FCGroup 2 Match 6
Pitch 2
Northern LightsCadwyr Cymru

14:00Semi Final 1Winner GRP1Runner Up Group 2
14:15Semi Final 2Winner GRP2Runner Up Group 1

The final will be played at 17:00 and medals /trophies etc will be handed out

Appropriate footwear is a must, no high heels on the pitch

Here are the rules

Advance ticket purchase required, and we wish you nothing but the best of luck for the day

The Team


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