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We Need You

If you attended the Sport Parkinson’s Try-Athlon then please could you complete our short survey to let us know what you thought about it Thanks a million The Sport Parkinsons Team

Take care of yourself in the Mindfulness zone hosted by Just Breathe

Sport Parkinson’s Try-athlon is not just about traditional sport and exercise; we have already featured Parkinson’s Art who will be running the Creative Zone. We also have the Mindfulness zone host – Sian Zoe Gordon – we met up on zoom and had a brilliant talk about yoga, the meaning of mindfulness and how she…
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Bounceback with Beth!

Beth’s focus on PD came through her Uncle Tom Isaacs, who founded Cure Parkinson’s. However her approach is very much her own, and her classes are a joy to do. Her unique caring personality is present throughout every session, and as we sat down to chat, her passion to provide the best chance for people…
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Worcester Warriors Community Foundation – Making a difference

Warriors Community Foundation’s commitment to use the power of sport to help as many people as possible live an active, healthy and rewarding lifestyle is an excellent fit with the approach with Sport Parkinson’s Claire sat down with Chris Stephenson, and he explained what the Foundation does and surprised us of the breadth and depth…
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Try-Athlon Information – Plan Your Day

There is loads going on at the Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon, here are few hints and tips to get the most of your day. First and foremost please buy your tickets in advance, as we need to have numbers to ensure that all in attendance can have the best day and there is enough stuff…
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Art, music, poetry – Try your hand!

Parkinson’s Art will be running the Creative Zone at the Sport Parkinson’s Summer Try-Athlon on the 24th July. Claire sat down with Trevor to find out a bit more…. CLAIRE – Trevor, how you doing?  TREVOR – I’m very well thank you, yourself? CLAIRE – I’m doing pretty well. You and I, we have been chatting…
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Try a New Way to Walk

Alan Gormley is looking forward to showcasing the sports available for you to play at the Bromsgrove Walking Sports Centre Claire caught up with him today to talk about the Try-Athlon and how the centre came about! Bromsgrove Walking Sports will be demonstrating Walking Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Cricket with Worcester Warriors Community Foundation –…
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Your Art and Poetry on the big screen!

Parkinson’s Art are hosting the creative zone at the Sport Parkinson’s Try-Athlon, and whilst they will be ensuring you have lots of activities to channel your imagination throughout the day. Sport Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Art have also decided to join forces to give you a chance to showcase both trying a new experience and your…
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Rules for 7-a-Side Football at the Try-Athlon

Players must remain 2m from League Officials at all times* this is a permanent change and will remain after this post-Covid period.  Limit contact with teams that have played previously  There must be no shaking hands at any point. Bring your own ball to warm up with.  Wash your hands before and after you enter…
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Want to help people try?

It is not to late to be part of the Sport Parkinson’s Try-athlon Event! Firstly you might be wondering what exactly the Sport Parkinson’s Try-Athlon is? It is an event at Worcester Warrior’s Sixways Stadium designed specifically for people with PD of all ages to try out activities of all types, at all abilities, in…
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