The Sport Parkinson’s Try- Athlon Documentary

The Sport Parkinson’s Try- Athlon Documentary

This is why we do what we do.

Many thanks to the Draw Media for producing this


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  1. Gerry O'Connor says:

    I watched the Sport Parkinsons try-athlon documentary and it looked a great day out and well done to Charlie, Claire and Garen and all their helpers.Two items in the documentary stood out for me (1) near the start of the video when the man holding his pint spoke about the lack of invitation to go to the pub or do things with his mates resulted in him closing himself off from engagement with others……reminded me of the song “This is me” sung by the bearded lady in the film The Greatest Showman… the lyrics give the message that I am a person no matter what condition or circumstance I have and love me for who I am…….it is not my choice to have Parkinsons but love me nonetheless (2) on acourse run by Fighting Fit a number of years ago there was a social hour on the Saturday evening which the organisers brought in a singing teacher to run a session with the attendees circa 25 people a mix of Parkinson sufferers and in some cases their carers/spouse. At the end of the course we were asked to select what part of the course gave the best feeling… answer was the singing session on the Saturday evening and the reason was “that for the 1 hour we were singing to our hearts content there was no Parkinsons in the room and that my friends was a great feeling”.

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