Week Three of the Try-Challenge

Week Three of the Try-Challenge

This week has seen Tracy take on Football tricks and Claire Circus Skills. The Focused Friends have the full story here

Tracy was once again the most organised of both of us and had a wail of a time with her sons, learning some pretty fab tricks!

Claire again struggled with her symptoms, and the weather – the go on the outdoor tightrope is still postponed due to no dry weather. Sterling efforts in sprout juggling and plate spinning saw her proud. When the weather obliges, we will be seeing her on a much less slippy tightrope (VERY LOW TO THE GROUND).

In pro news a helmet has been acquired for the giant noggin, which now means that she has the full range of safety gear and can theoretically go “off- carpet” on the roller skates this week. The option of non weather, alternative options took the pressure off and really made the challenge exactly what it should be about – the joy of having a Try.

Finding things that I can do locally has been an issue, so I put out a message to twitter to see what was available. I will update you all with how that goes too.

This week, Claire also had problems uploading videos to TikTok, many terms that here in the PD World we would consider ok are not appropriate. “My videos were not posting or taking forever to review, so I now put the footage together outside of TikTok and go from there. It was a little frustrating”

There is a wider problem with disability advocates being shadow banned. Find out more on that here but by the by, here are some highlights

Here is the show!

Are you going to join our merry band of Try-Athletes ? Pop us a line – we would love to feature you trying a new sport, creative craft, or performance art out!

Thanks all

Claire and Tracy

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