Adrian Grey

Current Team
Ireland – Sport Parkinson’s Four Nations Golf 2021

Adrian Grey 63 years of age, married to my best friend Liz for 32 years. We live in Tralee in the kingdom of Kerry on the wild Atlantic way and I am lucky to be a member of my local golf club Barrow/Tralee golf club

We have 2 children Andrew 25 training to be an Army Officer in the Irish Defence forces with a degree in Psychology and Sally 23 a consultant with Mc Kinsey I Ireland and a degree in Business and Law

I am mostly retired since 2016 when I was a Director of Musgrave the owner and operator of Irish brands such as Centra and SuperValu. I currently do part time business consultancy and executive coaching and am a Board member of WAZP a successful start-up in the 3D printing environment.

I was diagnosed with PD in late 2012 but knew something was not quite right for at least a year or two before when I had a tremor in my left hand among other non-motor symptoms. As is usual it took a while to diagnose me correctly and in an odd way that came with relief – now knowing what was wrong with me and being able to dispense with all the tests and theories and to concentrate on understanding and dealing with PD. The tremor progressed into my left leg and then onto the right side over the following years  so I underwent DBS surgery in Bristol in 2018 which was a life changer for me and has helped me to cope more with the symptoms .

I walk and cycle regularly and have come back to golf in the last 6 months and enjoy social golf with my friends. I am lucky to be pat of this new emerging group of PD golfers and am looking forward to the craic and the competition in the Belfry in October

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