About Us

Steve Jones, Jedi

Steve had a 30 year career in Financial Services and Technology, whilst being very active in the charity sector and his community.

He is  now retired from what he describes as a “proper job “ and continues to support  a number of initiatives both in the UK and Uganda focussed on his mantra of “everyone deserves the right to fulfil their potential regardless of wealth , disability or background”.

Steve’s father was diagnosed with PD in his mid 50”s, and as a consequence Steve developed a significant  interest in the condition and the personal management of PD systems whilst supporting him. 

He is married and has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren and lives in Gloucestershire  

Charlie Appleyard, Director

Charlie is the cofounder of Sports Parkinson CIC. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in June 2016, since then he has become an ambassador of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and has campaigned to try to encourage people with Parkinson’s to exercise regularly under the guise of “keep healthy and strong till a cure comes along”.

He lives in Southwest London with his family. His wife Claire and sons Arnie and Ted

Outside the Parkinson’s world, he is the managing director of Annapurna recruitment in London as well as being a proud board director of Morecambe Football Club

Sporting-wise, Charlie is a golf addict who is intent on continuously improving despite PD. He plays 5 aside football weekly, cycles on static bike and does boxing sessions twice a week. Keep on moving!

Garen Williams, Director

Garen Williams was diagnosed with YOPD at the age of 45, 4 years ago.

He has 2 children, a daughter 20 and a son 16 years old.

Garen is a qualified Building Surveyor and works full time in an Architectural Office for a Local Authority.

Since being diagnosed with PD, exercise has been more important than ever as I have realised how much it can help and slow down the progression of PD. Exercise has improved my strength, balance, co-ordination, and mental wellbeing.

Garen is a Director of Sport Parkinsons CIC, the organisation aims to promote exercise and participation in sporting activities for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Its aim is to encourage its members and the wider Parkinson’s community to get active and take regular exercise to benefit their mental and physical health to improve their PD symptoms.

Garen represented the UK in an International European Championships 7 a-side Football Tournament in Copenhagen 2019 (also known as the Ray Kennedy Cup) where they topped the group stage and lost narrowly in the semi-final. The team is called UKYOPD FC (UK Young Onset Parkinsons Football Club)

Garen is involved with the set-up of the “Wales Parkinsons Football Team” helping others with PD play football in a friendly and safe environment.

He is committed to help others, who struggle to live with Parkinson’s disease, through sport and exercise across the UK with a Welsh community spirit.

Claire Marie Jones, Employee

Claire Marie Jones, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 35, after over 5 years of trying to work out with various consultants trying to work out what was wrong.

“If you hear hoofbeats you don’t automatically look for zebras”

A local radio presenter and Radio Parkies DJ, Claire is passionate about making a difference for the Parkinson’s community and proud to be part of the Sport Parkinson’s team.

Claire loves all things Leicester and Leicestershire, and is a great believer in the importance of exercise on mental health.

Claire is working part -time for Sport Parkinson’s to assist with the workload.